Q5 Payment

E-Wallet Project

This project involves the creation of an electronic wallet designed for seamless transactions. Users will have the capability to load their wallets with currency specifically intended for use within legally licensed cannabis/marijuana merchant establishments. Additionally, we will develop a corresponding merchant application that merchants can utilize to authenticate transaction amounts and deduct the corresponding funds from the purchaser’s account.

Project Context

In the legal cannabis industry, traditional credit card and debit card payments face regulatory barriers. Many companies claiming to accept cards violate federal laws and processor regulations. Our compliant solution enables card payments without legal breaches.

Legitimate cannabis businesses currently accept only cash, hampering financial growth. Our approach turns this around, benefiting both banks and businesses.

We’ve partnered for seamless seed-to-sale tracking and automated banking processes.

Our project involves an electronic wallet for legal cannabis transactions and a merchant app for seamless payments.

This info lays the groundwork for naming and branding. Our focus is on facilitating secure transactions and avoiding direct cannabis references.


UX Designer


Interview, Competitive Analysis, Adobe XD


Design System, Design Tools, Product Thinking, Interaction Design, Visual Design


I provided design specifications for the initial product version. The product team and researchers conducted usability tests, and we iterated based on the valuable feedback we received.

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